Robert Baillieul, B.Comm.

Robert Baillieul is Editor-in-Chief of There, he oversees a talented team of financial editors and analysts. Together, they scour the market to find the best income ideas for readers. Robert is an advocate for a group of companies he calls his “Forever Assets.” Put simply, this is a group of stocks you can buy today and own for the rest of your life. These businesses have created wealth not just over weeks or years, but for generations. When you own names like these, you no longer have to worry about inflation or bear markets. Many of these firms have paid dividends to shareholders for over a century. For this reason, some of the world’s wealthiest investors — including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Warren Buffett — hold these stocks in their portfolios. Robert holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Saint Mary’s University. Prior to joining, he worked as a risk analyst at TD Securities. Robert’s common-sense investment commentary has been featured in a number of publications, including Slate, MarketWatch, and The National Post. You can follow him on Twitter @RBaillieul. Email: [email protected]

Robert Baillieul's Articles

How Safe is Your Retirement Income From a Dividend Cut?

Little-Known Factor Could Affect Your Retirement Income A few months ago, I heard from a reader who had bought shares of Vodafone Group Plc (NASDAQ:VOD). He figured the U.K. business, which provides landline, wireless, and Internet services worldwide, would provide.

Is Borrowing to Invest a Good Idea?

Borrowing to Invest? Not Smart. I received a question from a subscriber about borrowing to invest: “Rob, my wife and I received a $60,000 inheritance a year ago. We have about $30,000 in debt. Our advisor suggests investing the entire.

How to Buy Stocks at a 15% Discount

Closed End Funds: Retirees Can Earn an 11% Yield Here I love buying dollar bills for $0.80. Of course, you don’t find many chances like that in the stock market. Whenever such a great deal arises, investors quickly bid up.

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