Gaurav Sharma, BA

Gaurav Sharma is an editor and research analyst for Income Investors.

If you’re interested in dependable income, Gaurav believes there’s one key term you need to know: “Global Dividend Growers” (GDGs). GDGs are some of the biggest, most profitable companies in the world. Their entrenched position translates into steady revenues, thick profit margins, and robust cash flows. This allows them to produce market beating returns and growing, oversized dividends year after year.

These stocks are the “Ivy League Elites” of the market. Dozens of the companies on this list have paid rising dividends for decades, even through the financial crisis of 2008. Many long-time stockholders are collecting triple-digit yields based on the price of their original purchases.

Gaurav holds a B.A. in Business Economics from York University. Prior to joining Income Investors, he worked as a trader for TD Bank and in private wealth management for Canaccord Genuity. When he’s not digging through corporate filings, Gaurav enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and tennis.

Gaurav's Articles

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