Secret 424(k) Accounts Creating Most New Retirement Millionaires? Income Investors 2017-03-28 07:08:30 Not Assigned


Secret 424(k) Accounts Creating Most New Retirement Millionaires?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of 424(k)s.

That’s because even though they could save America’s retirement crisis, they are never advertised.

They have nothing to do with stocks, bonds, options, annuities, or anything else like that.

But word of 424(k)s is spreading thanks to this presentation I’m publishing today.

As THIS video goes viral, thousands of everyday Americans are waking up to the retirement option they’ve been missing.

Some could even be collecting more income in retirement than they did working.

Like Ray, a soon-to-be retiree who is using 424(k)s to pocket an extra $21,000 per year…

Or take Bruce, a retired government employee who has done a little better. Bruce says his 424(k)s have generated over a hundred thousand dollars.

The thing is that you too could open up a “worry-free” 424(k) starting with as little as $25.

And it couldn’t be easier!

To learn more about the secret 424(k) Accounts and to find out how to set up your own millionaire retirement plan today, I urge you to

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