Companies Offering Auto Rebate Checks

Auto Rebate Check Programs We know that America’s automotive industry is booming. What’s lessor known is that thousands of Americans have started collecting what we call “Auto Rebate Checks.” Consider Anthony, an engineering graduate, who says he gets an average.

How to Claim Your SRP Now

Sponsored Retirement Plans, or SRPs, are some of the best-kept secrets on Wall Street. SRPs are legal and could pay up to 10 times more than social security, but they are never advertised. The good news is, we have just.

What Are Section 1059 Plans?

What Are Section 1059 Plans? I doubt anyone would say no to an extra source of income, which is why last month, we sent out a report to readers of our Passive Monthly Income newsletter about section 1059 plans. The.

Sponsored Retirement Plans (SRPs)

Sponsored Retirement Plans (SRPs) Recent years haven’t been nice to retirement investors. Fixed-income products didn’t pay much, while high-yield dividend stocks could be risky. This is why we decided to send out a report to readers of our Automated Income.

Insurance Return Checks as an Investment

Insurance Return Checks Last month, we sent a report to readers of our Passive Monthly Income newsletter covering “insurance return checks” (IRCs). And it quickly became one of the most popular research reports in our company, Lombardi Publishing’s, history. Simply.

Section 1059 Plans

Section 1059 Plans We recently sent out a report to readers of our Passive Monthly Income advisory about Section 1059 plans. The response has been great. And to be honest, I’m not surprised. If you could cash some extra checks.

Earn Big Returns from Auto Rebate Checks

Why Auto Rebate Checks Are Great for Income Investors If you have been following the financial markets, you would know that recent years haven’t been that great for income investors. Fixed income products haven’t paid much, while ultra-high-yield stocks can.

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