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2023 Monthly Dividend Stock List

These Dividend Stocks Pay Investors Each Month

Dividend stocks are a great way to juice your bank account with regular income. This was especially true in 2022, with inflation at decades-high levels and rising interest rates sending stocks significantly lower.

It looks like 2023 will also be a difficult year, with fears of an upcoming recession weighing down stock projections.

Stocks are falling and don’t have a reason to rebound, which means a bottom probably isn’t in yet. This has made dividend-yielding stocks all that much more valuable to investors who seek some kind of income.

Companies that pay reliable dividends are able to do so because they make a lot of money. Reliable dividends are a testament to a company’s underlying strength.

Most companies pay their dividends quarterly, some only pay them annually, and some pay them monthly. Getting 12 monthly paychecks instead of four (or one) is particularly attractive in the current economic environment. Stock prices fluctuate, but stocks that pay monthly dividends are wonderful long-term wealth generators.

There is one caveat. Typically, the higher the yield, the greater the risk. A high payout ratio means a company might not be able to afford to keep paying its dividends. This goes for any company that pays dividends, not just those that do so monthly.

Don’t let an ultra-high-yield dividend scare you off, though. There are many excellent stocks that pay safe, inflation-crushing dividends.

Due diligence is important. Some investors jump into (or reject) a stock without researching the company. Investors should keep an eye on a company’s earnings record, payout ratio, and history of either raising, cutting, or pausing its dividends.

The highest payout ratio I like to see is 90%. That gives a company enough financial wiggle room to pay its dividends and potentially raise them. In the case of real estate investment trusts (REITs), they’re legally obligated to pay out at least 90% of their taxable income in order to maintain their status as REITs and take advantage of certain tax breaks.

Here’s a list of monthly dividend stocks in alphabetical order. The list excludes stocks that have suspended their dividends.

Company Name Stock Ticker Industry Dividend Yield
AGNC Investment Corp NASDAQ:AGNC REIT (Mortgage) 14.1%
Agree Realty Corporation NYSE:ADC REIT (Retail) 4.1%
Alpine Summit Energy Partners Inc NASDAQ:ALPS Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 6.8%
Apple Hospitality REIT Inc NYSE:APLE REIT (Hotel & Motel) 5.9%
ARMOUR Residential REIT, Inc. NYSE:ARR REIT (Mortgage) 21.2%
Banco Bradesco SA NYSE:BBD Banking (Regional) 3.2%
Broadmark Realty Capital Inc NYSE:BRMK REIT (Mortgage) 20.8%
Choice Properties Real Estate Investment Trust TSE:CHP.UN, OTCMKTS:PPRQF REIT (Retail) 5.0%
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust NYSE:CRT Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 8.9%
Dream Industrial Real Estate Investment Trust TSE:DIR.UN, OTCMKTS:DREUF REIT (Industrial) 5.8%
Dream Office Real Estate Investment Trust TSE:D.UN, OTCMKTS:DRETF REIT (Office) 6.8%
Dynex Capital Inc NYSE:DX REIT (Mortgage) 12.1%
Ellington Financial Inc NYSE:EFC REIT (Mortgage) 14.1%
Ellington Residential Mortgage REIT NYSE:EARN REIT (Mortgage) 13.4%
EPR Properties NYSE:EPR REIT (Specialty) 8.1%
Exchange Income Corp TSE:EIF, OTCMKTS:EIFZ Aviation 5.1%
Fortitude Gold Corp OTCMKTS:FTCO Gold 8.6%
Generation Income Properties Inc NASDAQ:GIPR REIT (Diverse) 9.7%
Gladstone Commercial Corporation NASDAQ:GOOD REIT (Diverse) 7.8%
Gladstone Investment Corporation NASDAQ:GAIN Asset Management 7.3%
Gladstone Land Corp NASDAQ:LAND REIT (Specialty) 2.9%
Global Water Resource Inc NASDAQ:GWRS Utilities (Regulated Water) 2.2%
Granite Real Estate Investment Trust NYSE:GRP.UN REIT (Industrial) 4.3%
Horizon Technology Finance Corp NASDAQ:HRZN Asset Management 10.6%
Hugoton Royalty Trust OTCMKTS:HGTXU Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 18.4%
Itau Unibanco Holding SA NYSE:ITUB Banking (Regional) 4.3%
LTC Properties Inc NYSE:LTC REIT (Health Care) 6.2%
Main Street Capital Corp NYSE:MAIN Asset Management 7.3%
Maxus Realty Trust Inc OTCMKTS:MRTI REIT (Residential) 2.7%
Modiv Inc NYSE:MDV REIT (Diverse) 9.2%
Orchid Island Capital Inc NYSE:ORC REIT (Mortgage) 17.8%
Oxford Square Capital Corp NASDAQ:OXSQ Asset Management 13.4%
Pembina Pipeline Corp NYSE:PBA Oil & Gas (Midstream) 5.9%
Pennantpark Floating Rate Capital Ltd NYSE:PFLT Asset Management 10.3%
Permian Basin Royalty Trust NYSE:PBT Oil & Gas (Midstream) 5.1%
Permianville Royalty Trust NYSE:PVL Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 12.6%
PermRock Royalty Trust NYSE:PRT Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 15.5%
Phillips Edison & Co Inc PECO REIT (Retail) 3.5%
Prospect Capital Corporation PSEC Asset Management 9.7%
Realty Income Corp NYSE:O REIT (Retail) 4.7%
Sabine Royalty Trust NYSE: SBR Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 11.0%
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust NYSE:SJT Oil & Gas Exploration & Production 14.1%
Shaw Communications Inc NYSE:SJR Telecom Services 3.3%
SL Green Realty Corp NYSE:SLG REIT (Office) 9.5%
SLR Investment Corp NASDAQ:SLRC Asset Management 11.3%
Stag Industries Inc NYSE: STAG REIT (Industrial) 4.5%
Stellus Capital Investment Corp NYSE:SCM Asset Management 8.5%
Superior Plus Corp. TSE:SPB, OTCMKTS:SUUIF Utilities (Regulated Gas) 7.2%
TransAlta Renewables Inc TSE:RNW, OTCMKTS:TRSWF Utilities (Renewable) 8.4%
U.S. Global Investors, Inc. NASDAQ:GROW Asset Management 3.1%
Whitestone REIT NYSE:WSR REIT (Retail) 5.0%

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